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It really is magic

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Today was another super-busy day on the Farm for us in weather that included exceptionally strong winds and intermittent sunshine making it tough on the team working outside, alternating between standing in a chilling breeze to the incredible warmth of the Koi house.

Our day started with those all-important health check on the Koi that have been placed inside this week.

Marcin & Jos checking the microscope for any health issues

It's always good to get a second opinion

We then headed out to the mud-ponds to pull and select from a further three ponds, those special Koi that need to move inside for the winter season. Please do not underestimate how much careful planning this takes.

Strategy meeting - the team planning what needs to go where, and when

To give you some idea of the number of Koi involved, just this week, we have assisted Jos in sorting through 40-50,000 Koi and have moved 4,000 inside to grow on over winter. These are not small numbers, and this means that space is a valuable commodity ~ each selection and available space has to be meticulously planned and accounted for, not just this week, but every single day on the Farm.

We pulled the first pond with some stunning Ochiba. Here is a video of some of our selections… Please forgive Jos’ commentary not matching our video ~ he was filming at the same time as we were, so to see what exactly he was referring to, you will have to refer to his personal social media channel.

The next selection of the day was mainly Showa and Shiro. Our third and final selection was also Showa, and we think that it is really important to show some of both sets of these selections. We are often asked about price variances between the Koi that we sell. Hopefully, all will become clear if you watch these videos in succession, and do a comparison of the quality on of Showa in the first and second videos. You will be able to easily see the difference in quality that naturally results in the difference in price…. Again, please forgive Jos’ commentary not matching our filming, he was filming for his own You Tube Channel at the same time.

As for the Shiro we selected... you will have to wait for videos of them as sadly, we ran out of time today and needed to get the Koi counted and quickly into the Koi house before the evening drew in.

Today is our last day here (this time at least) so we would like to end by taking our hats off to the guys and girls who do this all day, every day to bring us the stunning Yoshikigoi that we all love to have in our ponds. Please do not ever underestimate the amount of hard work it takes to make that happen. We have experienced it first-hand this week being here and working as a part of the team and we have the utmost respect and gratitude to each and every one of the fabulous individuals involved in bringing all of this together.. they really are working very hard, creating magic.

Finally, special thanks to Paul of Koi Passion for helping us out, and for allowing us to share his photos and videos of his time here this week too.

Until next time!

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