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Final Day on the Farm.... Until the next visit!

Today has been my last day on the Farm this time around and I did not have such an early start as on the previous days here. We started by finding 50+ specific Koi for a dealer. We then decided to find some big Koi to make available to our customers as we hear so often that there are no big Yoshikigoi available in the UK.

Well, here goes… We decided to go through the large male breeding Showas and where the Farm had a number, select out a few that we liked. Tonight, I am only sharing quick videos to give you an idea of what we have selected, but over the next few days I will post all of the details on these Koi for those who may be interested in them.

In addition to the Showas above, we also selected a few others that caught our eye... details on these will also follow on my return.

I am now heading off for a quick spot of dinner and an early night as I have a 1am start to head back to the UK tomorrow and begin my 14-day QT period. In many ways the QT is a blessing as it gives me plenty of time to sort through and post all of the Koi from this trip online for you to see. Given the numbers that we have worked through on this trip, I have a feeling it is going to take me a while!

Plans for my next trip – Helping Jos and Merv decide which are Tagegoi and which are Tateshita from this year’s Tosai that are now indoors over winter…. I have a feeling that is going to be a slightly longer trip…. The pictures and videos below will give you an idea of the scale of the task ahead and the number of Koi involved!

Finally, thanks to everyone who has followed my blog this time, and to those of you who have reached out, expressed interest and made some cheeky purchases to add to your own collections. Thank you also to Merv, Ernest and Joanna who have turned what could have been a very lonely trip into a brilliant few days. I am very much looking forward to next time!

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