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Koi, Koi, glorious Koi....!

Today has been insanely busy... I was up early and headed straight out with Merv. Over the course of the day we have bowled, photographed and videoed AT LEAST a couple of hundred fish!

In between photography sessions I have been doing my best to keep up with your messages (please bear with me if I haven't got to you yet - I will do, I promise!). There has been a huge amount of interest in this trip and an extremely high percentage of the Koi that Merv and I have selected today have sold already, which is really great news. We do have something for everyone here on the Farm, and clearly socially distanced koi-shopping is rapidly becoming the 'new-normal' as many of you have added some stunning Koi to your collections today without having to leave the comfort of your own homes, which, from what I hear about the weather in the UK at the moment is a very good-thing!

For your viewing pleasure, below are a series of videos of just some of the Yoshikigoi that we selected and bowled. If anything catches your eye or peaks your interest you are very welcome to send me an email here, drop me a line on social media, or give me a call / WhatsApp message on +44 (0) 7939 278791. Given the rate at which the Koi have been selling today, if you do see anything you like on today's blog, please let me know asap to avoid disappointment.

Tomorrow will be another early start for more of the same, so enjoy these tonight, and more will follow for you tomorrow evening.

Bowl 1:

Bowl 2:

Bowl 3:

Bowl 4:

Bowl 5:

Bowl 6:

Bowl 7:

Bowl 8:

Bowl 9:

Bowl 10:

Bowl 11:

Bowl 12:

Bowl 13:

Bowl 14:

Bowl 15:

Bowl 16:

Bowl 17: ( N.B. These Yamabuki are selling FAST!)

You can appreciate why they are selling so quickly when you see them in the Basin - Just gorgeous!

Bowl 18:

Bowl 19:

Bowl 20:

Bowl 21:

Bowl 22:

Bowl 23:

Bowl 24:

Bowl 25:

Bowl 26:

Bowl 27:

Until tomorrow...!

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