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Mud Ponds, Selecting, and just simply stunning Koi!

We had another gloriously sunny day today, but there was one hell of a breeze blowing across the ponds. We pulled and selected 3 of the mud ponds to bring the 1st and 2nd choices into the Koi House to grow on for the Winter Season.

They make it look A LOT easier than it is.

Here are some of the beauties selected from the first pond for your viewing pleasure.

One in particular really caught our attention…

The second pond saw the man himself, Jos Aben, don his waders and get stuck in to help the team with the net.

Do not underestimate how tough it is to get this right, not only is it tough physically, but the technique has to be completely correct, or else many of the Koi escape the net.. they are experts at it!

The third and final pond of the day was also netted by the man himself with some assistance from his team, and Paul of Koi Passion Facebook Fame.

… and here are some of the results of the fruits of our labour for you to feast your eyes on. There are some really unique Koi in here, and truly beautiful!

For those of you who are fans of our Yoshikigoi Ochiba, here they are separated out for your viewing pleasure, and the video includes something a bit special. Enjoy!

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