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Koi, Koi and more Koi..... Trigger warning: Lots of stunning Koi available to purchase!

We got up to a bright and sunny day at Yoshikigoi Koi Farm so I had a little wander around the ponds to enjoy the peace, quiet and tranquillity……

....then Pondy turned up and the peace, quiet and tranquillity was no more...... (Just kidding Pondy!)

While wandering around I came across a fish that I have never seen before – a bright yellow (like Hariwake yellow) Ki Muzo Ogon. That has most definitely got my name on it now! The eagle-eyed ones among you may spot it in here...

Out in the main large ponds there are some amazing Hi Utsuri, Ki Kujaku, Ochiba (of course), some beautiful Hanna Shusui and so many, many more. The more I wandered around and took the time to really stop and look, the more and more stunners I could see.

We then went inside to start selecting the Nisai and Sansai. These are all in the videos shared at the end of today's blog identifiable by bowl number … and yes…. these Koi are all available for sale, so please do get in touch for prices and details if something catches your eye. There are simply too many Koi to organise and put all of the information in the blog today, but I didn’t want that to delay me sharing these beauties with you! To give you a ballpark figure, they are all mid-price Koi ranging between GBP £400 – GBP £800 each.

One of the highlights of the day was this metallic Gingoi…. It generated a huge amount of attention and a lot of interest from the group!

The other Koi in this video are also available for purchase (just saying!)

As we now head to the end of the day, beer and cakes have been enjoyed by all and we have our plans sorted for dinner tonight. It has been a super-busy day, but just SO much fun! I think we are all suffering a little from Koi-overdoses (in a good way!) for which I am reliably informed that the only cure for is Tyskie, Soplica, good food and good company, all of which are (thankfully) a plenty here, as those of you who have been to the Farm with us will know!

Tomorrow, I commence my role as personal shopper, shopping for those of you who have sent me requests for specific Koi. I will, of course, update you all personally on your individual requests and will share my progress (and any other special finds) in my blog tomorrow.

Until then…. I will leave you with these 27 bowls of beauties to enjoy this evening – Please do feel free to contact me if you want to put your name on any of them (as I simply HAD to with the Ki Muzo Ogon earlier) – It’s so hard to resist... the struggle is real as the hardcore koi-hobbists among you know only too well....

Don't say that you haven't been warned.....! (Enjoy!)






BOWL 6: (Okay, we admit we were a bit taken with the Gingoi when we took this video!)




BOWL 10:

BOWL 11:

BOWL 12:

BOWL 13:

BOWL 14:

BOWL 15:

BOWL 16:

BOWL 17:

(Okay, I confess, we were quite taken with this one from Bowl 17 too!)

BOWL 18:

BOWL 19:

BOWL 20:

BOWL 21:

BOWL 22:

BOWL 23:

BOWL 24:

BOWL 25:

BOWL 26:

BOWL 27:

For prices and details on any of these Koi you can contact Yoshikigoi UK or me (Ashley Dart) on Facebook. You can email here, or call / WhatsApp me on +44 (0) 7939 278 791.

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