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Everything Changes!

Last night we went to bed thinking that we knew what we were going to be doing today. Our day, however, looks absolutely nothing like what we had planned. The Yoshikigoi Farm is a working koi farm and as with any business, the day-to-day operation is an ever changing and moving target, priorities change, so what we do as guests also changes, as we simply shadow and work with the team here, doing what we can to roll our sleeves up and help when we can. That said, even on days such as today, when plans turn into guidelines, and then dissolve into the necessity of taking care of immediate priorities, everything here is a pleasure, and we do always manage to get everything done ~ just maybe not in the order that we originally expected to!

We started out this morning, in the rain, feeding the Koi in the mud-ponds. Even though it was raining, it was impossible not to be held captive by the beautiful fish as they rise for their breakfast. A little rain very quickly becomes irrelevant when you are observing these truly beautiful creatures.

We were particularly captivated by this gorgeous Tancho Showa...... Okay, I am writing ‘we’ but what I really mean is ‘me’… I was particularly captivated by this gorgeous Tancho Showa and spent WAY more time than I should have done, in the rain (was it even raining?) flirting outrageously with it.

We then moved into the Tunnel to continue with selections.

Jos, Paul and net-master Adrian doing their stuff in the Tunnel this afternoon.

Let selections commence!

The rain had let-up by the time we had completed selection in the Tunnel, so on our way back to the house we helped ourselves to an afternoon snack from the vast array of fruit that grows in the grounds…. From Raspberries, to Grapes to Apples…. All delicious, and the perfect snack after completing selection. We think that 'Yoshikigoi Koi Farm & Vineyard' has quite a nice ring to it! 😉

Yoshikigoi Koi Farm .... & Vineyard ( ...or maybe not!)

Following our short coffee (and VERY fresh fruit) break we then headed into the Fish House to select some specific koi, for some specific clients.

Jos hand selecting in the Koi House this afternoon.

Decisions, decisions...

The team confirming the selection.

Getting that perfect shot for clients.

Armed with our photos, we head back to the house and then off out to a rather lovely Italian Restaurant in Turek, that not only serves fabulous food… but perfect ice-cream! (Sorry Merv ~ We did think of you... honest!)

Jos and Paul tucking into a well deserved ice-cream!

No two days are ever the same here at Yoshikigoi, but each day is filled with passionate, friendly and committed people who love what they do. That coupled with the undeniable beauty of both the environment and the koi it is simply not possible for a koi lover to come here and not have a good day, whatever that day may bring.

Let's see what tomorrow holds for us.... Thank you for checking in tonight. More tomorrow.

P.S. Don't forget to check out Koi Passion on Facebook for his updates too.

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